Noel Dusek – Arizona

Dr. Barcomb’s book, “The Formula: Transform Your Dreams into Reality,” sold me on the idea that anyone can improve their situation in life if they have a plan to aid in their success. Not only does she lay out what you must do, she gives you the tools to do it; no matter what the situation is that you are facing. However, the ultimate solution still and always will be the dedication and resolve of the student. 

Health, well-being, purpose, and betterment all describe Dr. Barcomb’s modular course in which I was a participant. “Goodbye Obesity & Type II Diabetes: Ageless Health for a Vibrant Lifestyle.” Again, she provides the tools and resources to make the needed lifestyle changes we are striving for. I have suffered from Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The meds I was taking did not cure them; I would be taking them until the day I died! Not a pleasant thought, and the side effects were disheartening! Through this program I was able to eliminate the Lipitor, the Lisinopril, and the Metformin. I believe Dr. Barcomb’s program is the ultimate resource one needs to achieve whatever goals one has made. The knowledge of how the human body works and how it heals itself is all laid out in laymen’s terms; easy to get your brain around it…I highly recommend this course.


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